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Meet Sarah

Sarah’s twenty years as a nurse and humanitarian have taken her around the globe, giving her a uniquely human perspective to the way we think, work and behave. 

Specialising in cancer services and palliative care, and having worked with some of the world’s poorest people, Sarah is known for her deep commitment to nursing the human spirit. If there’s one thing Sarah knows, it’s people.

Through her personal experience of burnout, Sarah believes that empowering people to thrive in the workplace is pivotal to a healthy workforce.

From an orphanage in Romania, to a rubbish dump in Ecuador, to a hospital in Zambia and most recently a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in Spain, Sarah has seen the power of human connection to literally save lives.

As well as being a mum of two girls and a sought-after international keynote speaker, Sarah is the Founder and Director of Unchained Solutions, a social enterprise inspiring Australians to make an impact on modern slavery. With a 100% virtual team, Sarah understands the challenges of cultivating a culture of COURAGE in a hybrid environment.

Sarah’s dedication to nursing the human spirit has landed her awards such as the (NSW) Young Australian of the Year, the Women’s Economic Forum Woman of Excellence, Ausmumprenuer “Women Will Change the World”, and a scholarship from Professional Speakers Australia.

Ten per cent of all her speaking fees go to anti-slavery projects.

Cultivating a culture of courage in your workplace helps your team to thrive.

– Sarah Morse

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Video Testimonials

Hello everyone, my name is Ruth. I’m a Gallup-Certified coach and an international speaker. I just saw Sarah speak and she was amazing. I love her passion on stage and she gave a very different insight on Modern Slavery and she really engaged all of us on allowing us to understand on what we can do a little part to actually help abolish Modern Slavery.

- Ruth

Gallup-Certified Coach

So I just saw Sarah Morse speak and she was so inspiring and she made me think differently about Modern Slavery and the impact that it has on the world.


Hi, my name is Charlene Lynch. I’ve just heard Sarah speak on stage about a subject which is rather dark. She brought light and shade to that and really educated us on what we need to do and what we can do to make a difference.

- Paul Roberts

Property Apprentice