Had the audience enthralled

CEO Tonkin Australia

Cultivating a Culture of COURAGE

The pandemic has changed all of us in some way. Many people are unable to put their finger on it, but know they feel different. While some are burnt out, others are struggling to return to life after lockdown, or maintaining culture in a hybrid environment. Through the use of humour and masterful storytelling, Sarah delivers a captivating message that is relevant for every person grappling with a changing workplace.

This keynote is relevant to anywhere there are people. Through the use of the acronym COURAGE (Connection, Outward Focus, Unity, Resilience, Authenticity, Gratitude and Empathy), it is divided into 7 easily digestible chunks. In consultation with your event planners, these can be mixed and matched and intermingled with stories which will inspire your specific audience.

Key takeaways:

  • The power of human connection to heal and thrive
  • Tangible tools to start cultivating a culture of COURAGE in your workforce.
  • Better workplace culture leads to higher productivity, lower staff turnover, and less sick days.
  • Be proactive about developing culture in a hybrid environment