Sarah set the stage for hope and connection.

President, Nurses Christian Fellowship

CPR for your health team: Survive, Revive and Thrive.

Burnout rates amongst nurses are as high as they’ve ever been. As I travel the country speaking to nurses, an in-room survey yields similar results every time. Roughly 75% of nurses I speak to say they feel burnt out, are suffering from moral injury and have thought of quitting their jobs in the past year.

However, anecdotally, I have discovered that most people who are going to leave have left already, and those remaining are asking the same question: “how do we move forward from here?”

In this talk on “Cultivating a Culture of COURAGE”, I identify the difference between burnout and moral injury and provide strategies on how your workforce can overcome them.

Through the use of the acronym COURAGE (Connection, Outward Focus, Unity, Resilience + Recognition, Authenticity, Gratitude and Empathy) we explore practical ways that your team can join together to be part of the solution and part of our own healing.

Using hard data from a research project conducted with hundreds of nurses at Prince of Wales Hospital this year, we will look at the impact a Culture of COURAGE can have on your workplace.

Through the use of humour and storytelling, I will inspire you to connect with each other and find healing from moral injury through empathy and human connection. By cultivating a culture of COURAGE within your team, together we can survive, revive and thrive.

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying burnout and moral injury in the health workforce
  • Using the power of human connection to heal and thrive
  • An investment in team culture
  • Tangible tools to start cultivating a culture of COURAGE in your workforce