Sarah set the stage for hope and connection.

President, Nurses Christian Fellowship

CPR for your health team: Revive, Survive & Thrive.

As a Registered Nurse, who specialises in palliative care, Sarah has the ability to connect with health professionals and create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Sarah demonstrates how to identify burnout and moral injury and provides strategies on how your workforce can overcome it by cultivating a culture of COURAGE. Through the use of humour and masterful storytelling, Sarah inspires her audience to connect with each other, and find healing from moral injury through empathy and human connection.

This keynote is specifically designed for health and allied health professionals, and health executives. It is best placed as an opening Keynote at health conferences. This keynote helps to open up the audience and encourages them into meaningful connection.

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying burnout and moral injury in the health workforce
  • Using the power of human connection and empathy to begin to heal
  • An investment in team culture
  • Better workplace culture leads to higher productivity, lower staff turnover, and less sick days.