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Making an impact on Modern Slavery

Unchained Solutions

Addressing Modern Slavery in health supply chains and beyond

As Director of Unchained Solutions, Sarah and her team of experts are inspiring Australian organisations to make an impact on modern slavery.

With the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act, Australian health organisations are under increased scrutiny. The law requires Australian organisations to be both more transparent, and more responsible for the people in their supply chains, both here in Australia and offshore. 

As providers of healthcare, we need to ensure all people in our health ecosystem have access to basic human rights, healthcare and sanitation.

While at this stage some Australian health organisations who are required to comply with the Modern Slavery Act, there is a moral and ethical imperative for ALL healthcare providers to be leaders in addressing Modern Slavery in their supply chains and operations. 

At Unchained, we believe in leading beyond compliance. Each organisation has its own sphere of influence which can create a global impact on Modern Slavery. 

Through our End-to-End service, provided by our team of procurement and supply chain experts, data analysts, trainers and educators, Unchained can help your health organisation not only comply with the Modern Slavery Act, but to LEAD beyond compliance and make a global impact on Modern Slavery.

Modern Slavery Solutions in Health supply chains