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Modern Slavery is a global human rights issue impacting more than 40 million people globally. It’s a US$354 billion industry in which 73% of survivors are women, and 1 in 4 are children. Modern slavery is the commodification of people for the purpose of exploitation and commercial gain. In the global economy it is more than likely that modern slavery is part of every product we buy.

With her lived experience of working with survivors of Modern Slavery, Sarah brings a fresh perspective to the why of modern slavery intervention.

Sarah’s keynote presentation is interactive and highly engaging, while bringing vital industry insights. She makes a difficult and distant topic accessible and relatable.

Designed to inform, motivate and inspire the audience to action, this keynote tackles a serious topic with humour and energy and will leave your audience uplifted and inspired.

Main Discussion Points

There are more than 40 million people living in modern slavery.

Why should I care about modern slavery? Does it really affect me?

What can we do about it?

Sarah’s presentation helps to:

Understand the issue of modern slavery and the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Understand how modern slavery affects an organisation’s operations and supply chains.

Gain insights into how to lead beyond compliance and make an impact on Modern Slavery

Who should attend?

Sarah’s keynote presentations are ideal for:

Business Executives

Financial Executives

Risk Management Leads

Sustainability Leads

Board Directors

Procurement and Supply Chain Leads

Give your audience an engaging speaker who will bring genuine value and deliver a seamless presentation, tailored specifically to your needs.

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