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The Human And Financial Cost Of Burnout In Health Professionals

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The healthcare industry is crying out for voices of experience and looking to hear from speakers who have spent time ‘on the front line’.

Sarah’s keynote presentation is interactive and highly engaging, while bringing vital industry insights.

Designed to inform, motivate and inspire the audience to action, this keynote is best placed as a conference opener or closer, or during the program after a break. It tackles a serious topic with humour and energy and will leave any audience uplifted and inspired.

Main Discussion Points

Burnout is the other pandemic in our healthcare system.

Burnout in health professionals is costing us millions of dollars.

Burnout has a direct correlation on patient outcomes and is a significant factor in medical errors, increasing risk and cost to your organisation.

Sarah’s presentation helps to:

Establish strong, compassionate and informed leadership within healthcare organisations

Build healthier teams

Improve organisational effectiveness by boosting communication in all levels of the healthcare ecosystem, from health professionals to health executives

Who should attend?

Sarah’s keynote presentations are ideal for:

Health Industry Leaders and Executives

Health Professionals

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