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Resuscitating Your Healthcare Teams

Available in keynote and workshop format

Healthcare teams are faced with increased pressure to provide excellent clinical care while satisfying regulatory reporting, and enduring increased patient loads. In this environment, it is critical that teams learn how to collaborate effectively to ensure not only better patient outcomes but vitality within the team.

Sarah’s keynote presentation is interactive and highly engaging, while bringing vital industry insights.

Designed to inform, motivate and inspire the audience to action, this keynote is best placed as a conference opener or closer, or during the program after a break. It tackles a serious topic with humour and energy and will leave any audience uplifted and inspired.

Main Discussion Points

Burnout is taking our most precious resource, our people.

Moving away from individual resilience to a focus on proactive organisational investment in our healthcare teams.

Burnout has a direct correlation on patient outcomes and is a significant factor in medical errors, leading to unnecessary morbidity and preventable mortality death and disability and increased risk for health organisations.

Sarah’s presentation helps to:

Identify the signs of burnout in your team

Identify the signs of burnout in your team

Create healthy teams, and proactively preventing burn out

Who should attend?

Sarah’s keynote presentations are ideal for:

Health Professionals

Team Leaders and Middle Management

Give your audience an engaging speaker who will bring genuine value and deliver a seamless presentation, tailored specifically to your needs.

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