Sarah is inspirational and has a warmth and energy about her

Registered Nurse, Northwest Hospital

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Leading With Courage To Revive Your Workplace.

The pandemic has changed all of us in some way, and returning to normality can be difficult. Reverse culture shock is when the return to the familiar feels unexpectedly foreign. It can lead to feeling burnt out, unmotivated and disorientated and can cause a decline in engagement and productivity.

Sarah Morse, the ‘Courageous People Reviver’ shares how to identify reverse culture shock and how your workplace can best overcome it. Her approach of courageous leadership will revive your team and empower them to deliver excellent outcomes.

Her 20 years of nursing and humanitarian experience brings a global perspective, intertwined with stories which will captivate and inspire you. She delivers a message that is relevant for every person grappling with the changing workplace.

Think of it like CPR for your team!

C- Culture

OOutward Focus


R- Resilience

A Authenticity

G Gratitude