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Cultivating A Culture of Courage

What is the Courageous Community?

The Courageous Community is a space of authenticity, growth and support for health professionals. 

As I speak with other health professionals across the country, it is evident there is a culture of disempowerment and burn out in the workplace. I’m constantly being asked how we can connect to support each other. As a registered nurse, I’ve experienced burnout myself, and understand the importance of having a community to fall back on.

In order to have a sustainable health workforce in the future, there needs to be a cultural shift that sees health professionals being empowered. The choices we make today will effect our health workforce of the future. 

The Courageous Community is a way of connecting health professionals across the country. It is a place where we can share stories, grow together and learn from one another. 

Join this community to find a collective voice with fellow health professionals to revive, survive and thrive. 

Join the Courageous Community for $49.90 per month

What you’ll get from it:

Join the Courageous Community for $49.90 per month

Are you a health professional struggling with burnout?

Join our community to revive, survive & thrive.

I have never seen such a lovely educator as you, you have a big heart, you’re such a lovely person and you give me a lot of courage despite my struggles in life. I will never forget you.

– Julie

Sarah was an amazing trainer. I was comfortable asking questions and she took time to make me understand the topic in question. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and she demonstrated clinical skills with my potential in consideration. I love the training and would recommend it to anybody.

– Kabul

Sarah was very helpful. She really helped me to gain my confidence and get back to nursing. Made me feel really proud in what I am doing.

– Padmavati