Had the audience enthralled

CEO Tonkin Australia

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Hello everyone, my name is Ruth. I’m a Gallup-Certified coach and an international speaker. I just saw Sarah speak and she was amazing. I love her passion on stage and she gave a very different insight on Modern Slavery and she really engaged all of us on allowing us to understand on what we can do a little part to actually help abolish Modern Slavery.

- Ruth

Gallup-Certified Coach

So I just saw Sarah Morse speak and she was so inspiring and she made me think differently about Modern Slavery and the impact that it has on the world.


Hi, my name is Charlene Lynch. I’ve just heard Sarah speak on stage about a subject which is rather dark. She brought light and shade to that and really educated us on what we need to do and what we can do to make a difference.

- Paul Roberts

Property Apprentice


Her poise, clarity and passion were truly extraordinary

International Speaker, Author and Futurist

I heard Sarah speak at the Consult Australia Conference in February. Her ability to communicate on a very serious topic in a way that had the audience enthralled was outstanding.  Her call to action to deal with Modern Slavery was something that no-one who listened could not walk away without wanting to be part of.  My team and I were convinced that we needed to act to be part of the solution.

CEO, Tonkin Australia

Sarah presented at our leaders’ conference bringing to life how real an issue modern slavery is and the steps that we as business leaders can take to ensure that we are playing our part to eliminate modern slavery. Sarah’s engaging style, real-world knowledge of the subject, and understanding of business operations was extremely well received by our audience.

CEO, Consult Australia

It was an absolute pleasure to have Sarah as part of our panel at one of our events. Not only is Sarah passionate and knowledgeable about Modern Slavery, but she also has a deep understanding and appreciation for ethical consumption. She demonstrated an impressive capability to both interact with the audience, as well as build off the comments made by other speakers. Sarah’s insights elicited unprecedented engagement among the audience members both, during and after the panel discussion. This was emphasized by the strong positive response from those in attendance. Overall, it was fantastic to collaborate with Sarah before and during the event. I’d definitely recommend her and Unchained Solutions!

Public Relations, Polyglot Group

If you want to know more about the Modern Slavery Act and how to comply with it, I can think of no better person to help you than Sarah Morse of Unchained Solutions. I had the honour to hear her speak at yesterday’s 100% Human at Work conference in Sydney, hosted by Virgin Unite. Not only does she demystify this topic, she makes a heavy, scary and sad topic accessible. Think of her for your next conference, as there is still a lot of confusion (and dare I say heads in the sand) about the Modern Slavery Act.

CEO, Ignite Global

Highly recommend Sarah, she is a wealth of knowledge about modern slavery and the impacts in your supply chain.

Councillor, City of Cockburn WA

Thrilled to attend Consult Australia’s Leaders Conference 2020 on behalf of Cbus whom is a very proud sponsor of the event. Day 1 Highlights for me included, The importance of the Modern Slavery Act by Sarah Morse.

Consultant, CBUS Super Fund

I just heard Sarah Morse, and what a powerful message she has! Not only does she have powerful stories to evoke emotion in the listener, but also she couples that with real tangible takeaways to help any team or organisation, go from where they are today to where they want to be. I can highly recommended Sarah Morse as a speaker for your next event.

CEO, Speakers Institute

You hit the mark, and it was exactly what we needed to hear!


Sarah, I love the way that you touched the heart with the way you present about modern slavery and the legislation

Interim NSW Modern Slavery Commissioner

I just saw Sarah speak, and she was amazing. I love her passion on stage, and she gave a very different insight into Modern Slavery. If you need to understand about Modern Slavery, and practical tips on how to abolish Modern Slavery, Sarah is the person you need to engage. Thank you Sarah for such a moving message, for she has lived her life to abolish Modern Slavery.

Procurement Expert

I just heard Sarah talk about Modern Slavery. I had no idea how many people were involved in it, and it really opened my eyes, to even knowing what modern slavery is, and the huge impact it has around the globe, and how I’m involved in it. It was really inspiring for me to really think about the way I buy, and what I do and use as a consumer. The thing I really like about Sarah is that also gave me a solution on how we can make it better. She was so inspiring, and she really made me think differently about Modern Slavery and the impact it has on the world.

Experience Manager, Deloitte Australia

I’ve just heard Sarah Morse speak about Modern Slavery. She has brought a subject which is so important to all of us to the forefront of my mind. She’s inspirational, and she’s passionate. It makes it feel so real, and feel like there’s something we can all do. I feel responsible now, and she’s an amazing speaker. She can make you feel that you can do something, and she’s very powerful.

Creativity Coach

I’ve just heard Sarah speak on stage about a subject which is rather dark. She brought light and shade to that, and really educated us about what we need to do to make a difference. She was inspirational and motivational, and we as a company are going to be doing things differently. I highly recommend booking her as a speaker.

Leader, Speakers Tribe Global

Her message is one which just needs to be heard. From a person who has spent a lot of time in the fashion industry, and someone who understands the link between sustainability and ending slavery, I’ve got to tell you, her message is global, and something you need to hear. If you need a speaker for an event, I’d highly recommend Sarah.

Director, Winston Group

This is the best panel I have seen so far on Modern Slavery, and it has really made me think about how I might talk more about Modern Slavery at events of which I am a part.

Governor of NSW

Sarah gave a powerful presentation offering an important call to action for us in healthcare to address the huge issue of burnout.

Joanna Kemp

Sarah was a thought-provoking presenter who lifted the lid on the crisis in our healthcare system and how we can change the outcome through courageous leadership.

Carla Kuipers

Sarah was incredible! She was funny yet spoke the truth boldly and I was able to relate so deeply with what she said.

Kathryn Wilson

A thought-provoking, relevant talk. She speaks with authority using her real world experience. 

Ben Draycott

Sarah was brilliant. Absolutely nailed the topic of looking after our healthcare workers. Such poignant examples.

Su Temlett

Very powerful message. As a healthcare worker myself, I hope everyone hears Sarah’s message.

Andrew Pelgrave

Sarah was incredibly engaging, funny, relatable and passionate. She illuminated the dangers of healthcare burnout and how to care for those who care most.

Connie Khoo

Sarah’s presentation had the right mix of humour, passion and provocation. Her heartfelt care for her fellow healthcare workers is inspiring and engaging. I feel I now see nurses through a much different lens. And that we all play a part in increasing their value in the community. Thank you.

Danielle Dobson

Sarah is so dynamic and insightful. Truly inspiring presenter who understands the healthcare industry so well.

Raffi Tontian

Sarah was funny and engaging. She captured my interest and concern.

Emma Riley

Truly engaging, compelling and personal – Sarah’s presentation hit to the heart as to why we need to see healthcare workers and human heroes. And why this is so critical for our whole community.

Caroline Ghatt