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Registered Nurse, Mental Health

Healthcare Team Trainer

Healthcare Team Trainer in Australia

Resuscitating Your Healthcare Teams

This full day training is designed by nurses for nurses and will leave nursing teams feeling inspired and motivated to continue delivering excellent care. Sarah and her team create a safe space for nurses to share their experiences, and to work together to create strategies for optimal patient care.


To inspire nursing teams to develop stronger communication strategies with each other and their patients.

To create healthier teams and increase staff morale

To create a safe space for nurses to debrief their experiences, and validate their experiences

To identify the gaps, or perceived gaps, between health executive and nursing teams.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Conflict Resolution Skills

How to have difficult conversations with other nurses as well as patients and their families

Developing the confidence to make critical decisions

Understanding personality types and types of communications on their team

This training can work alongside the “Undercover Boss” service, or as a stand along offering. An executive summary will be provide for the Executive Team.

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