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Health Leadership Consultant

Health Leadership Consultant in Australia

“Undercover Boss” – change the way your health team functions by becoming one of them

Sarah’s ability to bridge the gaps in healthcare, build consensus and identify next steps may be just what you need to change the way care is delivered in your facility. With her game-changing secret weapon, deeper insights are sure to be discovered.

Sarah will work with your executive team in an “undercover boss” experience. They will put on scrubs for the day and work alongside a nurse, delivering care to real patients, experiencing first hand the pressures of their health delivery teams.

This tactile experience will provide valuable insights into the way your staff think and the challenges they face, as well as what it takes to provide excellent clinical care.

These insights will then be unpacked with your executive team in a strategic debrief and full day strategy session to identify key learnings, and develop an action plan to implement positive culture change in your organisation.

Put your runners on….you’re going to need them!

Meet your coach

Sarah Morse has been registered as a nurse in Australia for more than twenty years and knows what it’s like to work in the healthcare system in Australia, both in public and private sectors, in large hospitals, and small clinics, in clinical education and student facilitation.

Sarah’s approach

Your healthcare consultant will create a measurable difference when it comes to:

Bridging the culture gap between health execs and health deliverers

Setting the foundation for better patient outcomes

Encouraging genuine self-care for healthcare workers

Developing better teams

Improving compliance

Creating a team that embodies corporate values

Preventing and aiding in the recovery from burnout/PTSD/vicarious trauma

Improving staff retention


Instigate positive change with an experienced, engaging and hands-on coach/consultant who specialises in healthcare. 

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